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 Obesity has increased worldwide and constitutes a serious health problem even in the same nations that suffer malnutrition, according to the WHO.

 The WHO "World Report" affirms that 1,200 million people throughout the world have overweight and obesity problems. This is approximately the same number of people who suffer malnutrition.

 Epidemic studies show that 55% of the adult population present overweight and 22% are obese.

 For example, in the last two decades obesity went up over 30% in Mexico, slightly higher than in the USA.

 In the National Health Survey in Mexico in 1999, 52.5% of the female population were classified with OBESITY (21.7%) or overweight (30.8%), whereas in 1988, 35.1% of the women were classified with OBESITY (18.7%) or overweight (16.4%).

 The explanation for this is that many people in underdeveloped areas leave their ranches and their agricultural activities due to the poverty in which they live and have to look for jobs in the cities. This causes a great change in their lifestyle and a considerable decrease in their physical activity, inasmuch as they engage in more sedentary activities and do not need to travel long distances in order to obtain food and water and the consequence of this is weight gain.

 To this we must add that the inhabitants of the cities consume less fruits and vegetables and more fast food based on fats and carbohydrates.

 More alarming is the fact that this process has begun to seriously affect the children and 20 to 30 per cent of the children in school age have obesity or overweight.

 The worst problem in this situation is that at present, there is no a general strategy in the world for obesity control and that neither the medical community nor the governments have been successful in the battle against obesity.

 If we do not act quickly against this epidemic, it will get completely out of control and due to illnesses brought about by obesity, life expectancy may decrease and the quality of life will deteriorate greatly.

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